At just 21 years old, Zachary has already been in the industry for almost a decade.
Having picked up a camera very early on in his native Whistler, BC, Zachary quickly sought to capture the scenic landscapes and gravity-defying stunts performed around him by professional athletes and friends.


In today’s social media craze, Social Video Marketing is all the hype. It’s pure focus: Increasing audience engagement through social activity captured in video.

But how does it help your brand?

As millenials, we know what it means to create a video that is specific to a certain digital platform.

From your first drafts all the way to the editing process, we promise to deliver content that is catered to the preferred size of screen, digital platform and audience.







I was 12 years old when I started filmmaking in Whistler, Canada; the adventure capital of the world.

I was always fascinated by the high speed cameras that captured the incredible tricks and motion of the talented skiers and bikers around me and immediately sought to capture the action.

As a result, I began my journey as a cinematographer through a much more experimental, exploratory route and it has given me many years to develop my skillset and determine my own personal style.



I first used a drone in 2012, I was lucky enough to get a head start on the craze before it began dominating the digital media industry. I first started experimenting with bigger drones such as the DJI S800 and quickly became self-proficient. Whether you need dual operators or a one man crew, my team is fully insured and meets all of the transport Canada requirements.

We shoot 6k drone footage on the DJI Inspire 2 and can fly camera’s such as the RED or ARRI on our larger Alta 8 platform.

Using a drone allows for both very technical and creative cinematography and we have created some truly unique content for partners such as Faroe Islands Tourism, Destination British Columbia, IMAX & Red Bull.



Cinematography has always been my first love; my channel of choice for communicating my visions but photography has become a hobby of passion.

Throughout the years, I have started using photography as an additional method of creation and continue to be amazed at the different perspective and additional skillset it has given me.

A video naturally features different angles, light and perspective, but with a photograph you are forced to combine everything into a single shot.